Saturday, March 2, 2013

Acrylic Painting in Large Nujabi Journal

Here's another spread that I started in the fantastic Working with Layers workshop with Randall Hasson this past weekend, hosted by the Society for Calligraphy. (I would study with Randy again and again--he teaches new techniques every time!).This was my first time for painting images with acrylic.  A great learning experience--this paint is thinned with matt medium and glazing liquid. In the future, I'll also add considerable water--I prefer a more transparent look.
   Not only was I influenced by Randy, but I had been doing lots of contour drawing since last month's Illustrated Journals workshop with Brenda Swenson.  I had also just seen a picture that the oh-so-talented Sharon Zeugin had posted on Facebook, incorporating three contour drawings on one page. That inspired me to use my own contour drawings with the acrylic background.  The first drawing uses sepia-toned watercolor pencil.  The second, Tombo water-soluable pen.  The third is drawn in pencil, then painted.  I'll be doing another of these this week in a friend's journal, using more juicy paint.


  1. I like the different layers of the tomatoes, and I looked at your older posts and I love the last layout you have for the cards. I find it much more eye catching with the odd number of pears, great layout with both text and pears.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, it was fun seeing all the different ladies at ROM, all looking good for their age : ) Just wish I have had more time to skecth them (next time)



  2. Neat to have the three drawings staggered and superimposed. I really like the effect of the Tombo water-soluble pen (if that's the black one) - hadn't heard of it. I'm playing with acrylics too except rather than trying to make it like watercolors, I'm going for the effects you cannot achieve in watercolor, like showing brush strokes. It is wonderful working with different mediums and seeing what their strengths are.