Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Garden Project

 Last fall, continuing into this year, we replaced the plantings near the house with natives and drought-tolerant varieties. After visiting my friend, Christina Schneck and her garden in Piedmont, I ordered stakes from Christina's garden designer, Barbara Siegel. Christina had lettered hers with Romans, I chose uncials.  Unfortunately, since we removed the lawn, the rabbits and squirrels have been nibbling the yarrow and fern-leafed lavendar to nubs. Today, pavers are being delivered for the walkway around these plantings and I talked Dennis into allowing me plant grass between them, rather than mortar. Hopefully, that will distract the rodents. One more thing to water, but I do use gray water.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Draft for Versal, inspired by AdolphBernd

Just back from SfC's annual retreat in Montecito.

I spent most of my time doing homework for the web design class I'm taking, but decided to take a break and draft a versal.

I've attached a snapshot. This is strictly a draft and I want to redo, but it will suffice for the collaborative project in which several SfC members are involved. We're all contributing a letter, or two, for a book in John Rafter's calligraphy class.

Now, on to studying for my web design final exam.