Saturday, June 17, 2017

Painting Effects

Photo I took in France. Filters were applied in Photoshop for an oil painting effect. Fun!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Fun little booklet, made from stuff that would have been trash

A fun little booklet which Lise Orwig demoed at retreat. We constructed them using business-reply envelopes. I glued-on my own practice paper as the cover,  and cut out some leaves from Syeda Ullah's demo to collage on top.

Inside, there are small pockets, which we stuffed with little mementos of our time at retreat.  Very  fun!

                             Front and back

Retreat flowers

I brought these home after the Society for Calligraphy annual Memorial Day retreat. Peonies usually grace my table there, but since I also demoed painting simple watercolor roses, I added a bunch of those to be models for the participants. This bunch lasted an amazing amount of time. The roses finally had to be discarded earlier this week--the peonies had to be tossed a few days earlier.