Wednesday, April 18, 2018

#8 in the Color Series of Collaged Postcards: Lime Green

Created a simpler design for No. 8. And, I'm switching to italic--for the moment, at least--I had been neglecting the broad-edged hands, due to teaching so much pointed pen and brush. Time to remedy that!

I'm practicing with markers in-between lettering with the dip pen--alternating those tools for pages of text and plenty of envelopes. The goal is to loosen up, without getting messy.

I have more ideas for collages, now the trick is to find time to execute them!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Custom Postcard - Monument Valley

Postcard created to commemorate our recent trip to Monument Valley. The bottom scene depicts the View Hotel within the Navajo Tribal Park. The top scene is the view from our balcony. We hiked the four-mile Wildcat Trail around the West Mitten Butte--the weather was cool, so that was perfect. We saw horses, as well as many interesting native plants, which were labeled at various points along the trail.  The pieces were collaged in Photoshop, then the composition run through the Waterlogue app to add watercolor-like texture.