Thursday, January 31, 2013

And here's my November 2012 ATC.  A blatant copy of the design from my very first ATC, done in 2005.  I was so busy with holiday tasks, that I seemed to have no new inspiration for this card.

This month's contribution to the January 2013 Art Sparklers ATC exchange.  I'm on a sewing-themed kick, right now.  I suppose I somehow think creating art about it will motivate me to get back to that and, hopefully, I will--eventually.  This was fun, anyway

More pen-and-Ink

#15 - Plant material I picked up on a walk in the neighborhood--the seed pod is close enough.  I simplified the pine foliage--this particular bough was much more full, but I didn't have all day to draw it :-).

Pen-and-Ink - fitting it in

 #s 24 & 26 - the shading needs more work, especially on the umbrella sketch.


In late December, I restarted Brenda Swenson's pen-and-ink 75-day challenge for about the fifth time.  It's hard to keep up with everyday drawing, when there's so much else that needs to be done.  Here are #12 anad #23.  When things are a little less hectic, I'll get out one of Claudia Nice's pen-and-ink instruction books and really learn what I'm doing!

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