Wednesday, September 19, 2012

ATC - Collaged Pear

Torn piece of printed tissue
Pear drawn, then traced on artist's tissue, applied with matte medium, painted with watercolor. Red square cut from magazine cover.

ATC - Stamped leaves

July 2012
Stamp cut from fun foam, with veins scored.  Stamp with pigment ink.  "Frame" drawn with Hybrid Technica pen and filled with various mixed shades of watercolor.

ATC - Pear

May 2012 Exchange
There are only ten minutes in the life of a pear where it is perfect to eat.

ATC - Robins in her Hair

March 2012.  I had given myself a goal to master painting watercolor trees and thought that ATCs would be a great way to experiment.  I must have painted more than 30 different trees.  Not all were of a quality I'd want to share.  I had a lot of fun with it, though, and learned a lot. 

The text is from Joyce Kilmer's famous Trees poem.  Did you know that Joyce was a man?  I found that when double-checking the author.  He had five children before he was killed in WWI at age 31.

ATC - New Year

I started a new invitational exchange coordinated by Christine Richards.  This was for our first exchange.  Each I made used various ephemera and I experimented with techniques, so each was different.  The watch was cut from a scrap of tissue paper I found in my collage box.  The 2012 was drawn, then filled with Prisma colored pencils.  I should have taken more time with the lettering, which was rather sloppily done :-(  . 

ATC - Celebrating retreat at Casa de Maria

In 2008, at our annual Memorial Day weekend Santa Barbara retreat, I led an ATC session and everyone got involved making them.  Unfortunately, since mine were all unique and I sent them off for the Cyberscribes exchange, I don't have any of those to post. 

In 2009, Kerri Judd decided to challenge the participants to make her a ATC that represented what our time spent at La Casa de Maria meant to us.  In return, she gave us each an ATC.  I made several, giving them away.  They were all unique.  I made this one for my own collection.  Thanks, Kerri, for the inspiration!

Description:  Collaged with pictures and text clipped from brochure.  Background paper was scrap from Carrie Imai's demo of new Golden luminescent glaze.  Blue-green scrap was from the acrylic "skin" I made--one of our retreat projects that year, taught by Annie Lawrence.  Punched heart found in my ATC supply box, as weel as the Time Flies sticker.

ATC - "Use Something Up"

December 2008.  The theme was "Use Something Up".  That had been my New Year's resolution the year before and I had suggested it as a theme for our ATC's.  I guess it wasn't a favorite, since it was scheduled last :-)  .

Here was my colophon on the back of the card:

Backgrounds from paper I've been saving for a "rainy day".  Collaged with materials left from past projects.  Used up a spool of metallic machine embroidery thread--a brief hobby from 25 years ago.  Lettering done with gel pen--several went into the trash before finding one that worked.

For this project, I ended up looking through many drawers and I found a lot of stuff I didn't know I had--very handy for upcoming projects!"

This is a great reminder for my upcoming exchanges--my craft room is full of things I need to use.

ATC - Pink

October 2006 with theme "Pink".  Again I incorporated a couple favorite symbols--hearts and a spiral, both cut from decorative paper.  24K Spectalite lettering

ATC -- Love

January 2006, the theme was "Love".  I had decided to use red mulberry-paper hearts throughout my art, when the opportunity presented itself and this was perfect.  Again, I used the 24K Spectralite.  The pink stripe was made after a brief lesson on painting dry-on-dry.

I also used this theme to make Valentine's day cards.

ATC - March Forth

Another Cyberscribes ATC exchange, this one themed, "March Forth" in 2006. The flowers are actually a little more subtley-colored than they appear here. I used Dr. Martins 24 Karat Spectralite ink. The point of this exchange was to try something new. I had owned a hot foil pen for some time and this was my motivation to try it. The border on the right side and the dots at the centers of the flowers are foiled. I've used the hot foil many times since, although, not lately.

ATC - July 2005

Created July 2005, the theme was "Travel".  This brought back memories of one of a favorite earlier trip, when I spent ten days in New York City in early December.  I attended a class and added on a weekend and a vacation day to do a little sightseeing.  The class was across from Rockefeller Center and my hotel was near the Empire State Building.  I never took the subway, preferring to walk a different route to and from class every day.  I'd love to go back someday.

The pictures were cut from a magazine ad and collaged on top of a background cut from my map.
My second ATC, created in May 2005.  The theme was "Celestial".