Monday, September 24, 2018

#16 One-Color Collage: Orange Crush

I've been busy with calligraphy work and fell behind on my postcard project. I have several partially finished designs and just completed this version.

Collected images were collaged, then digitally manipulated. Copperplate was scanned and layered in Photoshop. Lots of fun.

Now back to the calligraphy jobs. . .

Thursday, September 20, 2018

L - drawn letter as a gift

This letter was drawn in a workshop with Heather Held. Incorporating a simply-flourished copperplate letter, the terminal lobes are gold-leafed with 23 carat gold. The centers of the flowers are glued-on crystals. The color is blended from watercolor pencil. Gold accent strokes are added with fine-tech gold, applied with a brush, as well as with clear Stardust gel pen. I want to make more of these!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Collage #13: Another use for my half-apple sketch

I'm re-using my colored-pencil half-apple sketch for a new postcard design--this version includes quickly-written pointed-pen calligraphy. I had fun playing with the color strips made with pastels.
Some of my postcards on exhibit in the Pomona Valley Art Association's Art Place. The exhibit ends today. Picture taken by friend, Jenny Allen--please ignore the glare from the overhead lights. 

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Colored Pencil Wren

I think this is a wren--I found the picture in O magazine.  I prefer to draw plant life, mainly because it's more forgiving, but while I'm in colored-pencil drawing class, with Christina Baltaylon, I thought I'd better take advantage and draw a variety of subjects.

I need to draw another bird, so I can correct the things I don't like about this drawing! We just started our second ten-week session at the Creative Arts Group, in Sierra Madre. We're drawing a succulent plant, beginning with realistic style, then moving to more abstract.

I'm sure this image will turn up in one of my collages.


Saturday, June 23, 2018

Collage #13: Found amber gum leaf

From a workshop with Rebecca Wild: ayered mixed media--each layer separated and protected with acrylic matte medium. Pencil copperplate and pastel accents while leaf-shape was masked.
   Re-positioned mask and added more pastels. Removed mask and added lettering within that shape.
   I'd like to do more of this, with some overlapping gouache writing over the outer lettering.
   A fun project!

Collage #12: Here's looking at you.

It's good to post these--I notice the imperfections--great learning exercise.

The background is made from envelope security liners and obscured with gesso. The images are digitally enhanced. Lettering is scanned and overlaid in Photoshop.

This ostrich reminds me of one in Holland, during the time I was working over there. I was checking out a "children's farm" behind the hotel where several of us were staying. I wanted to see some unusual-to-me sheep, but the ostrich kept shifting to be in front of me, so I'd have to look at him, rather than the other animals. I had forgotten about that until now.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Collage #11 - Rose Colored Glasses

Clipped images, plus a stamp saved from correspondence from my favorite Flemish (Belgium) calligrapher--digitally manipulated. Lettering layered over the top.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Inside Edition clip of high school calligraphy class

Davie Mark, in charge of Public Relations for the Society for Calligraphy, started our Teen Calligraphy Program. He set up after-school calligraphy classes at several schools. Beverly Womack helped out early on. This year, I took over at Buena Park High School, so David could teach at Wilson High School in Hacienda Heights.

Inside Edition filmed the Buena Park class:, in conjunction with the Meghan Markle festivities, since Meghan Markle was a calligrapher before she got her job acting on Suits.

Care Package

Part of a care packet for Angie., the programs coordinator for the Inland Empire/Pomona Valley chapter of the Society for Calligraphy.

More going out to our other IE/PV board members.