Friday, May 18, 2018

KLM Dutch Houses - postcard

This scene on this postcard reflects the wonderful time I had commuting to Holland for over four years. Some of my favorite souvenirs were the ceramic Blue Delft Dutch houses, filled with Bows (Dutch) gin, which KLM gave to it's business class passengers.

I also picked up a similar design in Friesland--a bird house, and a similar little house, a little more colorful, picked up in Italy, when I purchased Rembrandt soft pastels. It would have been cheaper to buy those pastels in the U.S., but I wanted that little house!

This design features a digitally manipulated photo of those little houses. The Dutch neighborhoods have different colored pavements, one indicates a pedestrian walkway and the other is for bicycles. Pedestrian beware if you get in the way of those bicycles! The route I took to work took shortcuts that bypassed auto traffic. It even had a round-about strictly for bicycles! On semi-dark mornings, the police would stake that out and give tickets for not having a light on the bike. My coworker and I didn't have a light--people would warn us and we'd get off and walk.

The skies in the Netherlands weren't always this blue-they had lots of clouds, and often rain or light snow.

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