Wednesday, May 27, 2015

May's Artist Trading Card: Three Pears

This month's ATC is devoted to Annie Lawrence, the Society for Calligraphy's retreat director, who is moving to Paradise, California. I painted the pears several years ago. They're from Billy Showell's book, Watercolor Fruit and Vegetable Portraits. I discovered the book, in Dutch, in an art supply store in Bruges. I couldn't really read the technical writing, so the text was no help. I later found the book written in English.
   I'm just back from our six-day retreat trip, where I incorporated the lettering with the painted pears. I gave an ATC to each of the 31 retreat attendees. In return, several others decided to make cards to share--lots of fun.

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  1. Hi Kristi, what lovely work you do. Many years ago (30+ now) I took several calligraphy classes in Anaheim (mostly from Sarah Logan) and really enjoyed it. Marriage, children and work became my focus and calligraphy became something that I would pursue once "I had more time." Well, that has not happened just yet. I am in the process of purging the accumulated "stuff" from my home and life. I found a poster for a calligraphy exhibit at the Huntington Beach Library in 1984 for the Orange County Society for Calligraphy. I did not find an organization by that name in a google search but I did find Society for Calligraphy and decided to write to you, as Pres, to ask if you would be interested in the poster for the Society? I would also like to donate any calligraphy books that I come across. Please let me know if you would be interested in either or both - the poster or books. Thanks for your time. Jeannie