Monday, January 26, 2015

Simple Script - introduction to Modern Script Lettering

I usually don't post my envelopes because they have personal addresses on them. Those I create as "gifts" for others are always my best effort. For my teaching samples, I've just started started using a fake name and address. These samples are for a short, introductory class that I'll be teaching in Redlands and Scottdale. The class will be based on copperplate, but with less structure and lots of leeway for personalization. With only three hours, we'll cover lower-case, only, as well as variations.

We'll start with a mono-line pen to draw the letters, as in the first example, then we'll move to a dip pen. We'll only have time for very simple decoration. I think this class will be a fun one and, hopefully, the students will be inspired to take more serious classes. I need to come up with more samples, as these were done quickly and sloppily, and especially because, later, I will be teaching another version of this class in Riverside which includes watercolor flowers.

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